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March 6th, 2015 
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Roberto RivasRe/max Mayaland
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MLS® # hlstktlm
Title: Holistika Tulum

Tulum, Quintana Roo

Status:  Available For Sale
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Area: Tulum Riviera Maya
List Price: Starting @ $69,000.oo USD
Property Type: Residential
Number of:       
bedrooms: no
Description: Holistika is a concept of integrated living in a master planned community, where harmony with the natural environment, self-awareness and personal growth, and safe, secure investment are all combined, resulting in a positive, high quality lifestyle for all that choose to join us. The Holistika Center is the living, beating heart of this residential community.

A nice, tranquil park adds value to all of the residential lots in the subdivision, but much more than that, it is an opportunity for us as developers, and for you as potential community members to connect with a new, more complete way of living.

We are developing a wide-ranging suite of services and specifically designed facilities and environments to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. Access to the Holistika Center is free of charge to all lot owners in our community and their guests, with absolutely no additional maintenance fee required.

We chose to develop Holistika Tulum in this area because we could offer key features that set us apart from other developments in the vicinity:

A safe investment: Holistika Tulum is definitively titled, legally subdivided, and ready for transfer of possession at any Notary Republic.
Access to top quality infrastructure and services, including paved roads, underground electricity, fresh water supply, and wastewater drainage.
Large tract of land all around Holistica Tulum under the control of the same development group. This guarantees that we will always be surrounded by high quality development, whether it be small single-family homes, large single-family homes, private estates, or multi-family residential and commercial.
Plenty of room for the Holistika Health and Wellness Center, a fresh water lake, and the private community pool and recreation areas.

Holistika Tulum is being developed by a proven team with over 15 years of experience in the Tulum area, and 4 generations in the Yucatan peninsula. The co-developers of the project all have deep family roots in the region, and come from distinct (but relevant) professional backgrounds, including real estate sales and marketing, architecture and design, and real estate law.

With all development permissions achieved, signed commitments from the local municipality for infrastructure services, legal subdivision with titles, and road infrastructure well underway, you can feel confident that you are joining a successful project with tremendous potential for not only financial, but also personal return on investment.

$55,000 USD represents the most basic level of investment in Holistika Tulum; it is the price of one of our single-family home lots. One of the reasons to invest in Mexico is the tremendous value on offer, and we are confident that Holitika Tulum represents just that. Holistika Tulum represents a tremendous opportunity combining quality and value….

Within the Holistika Tulum team are experienced builders and project managers that have built everything from single family homes to multi-family town homes and commercial centers. Constructed lot/home packages start at $225,000 USD. Pre-designed models are in the works, to be released soon. Of course we are happy to work with you to design a custom home to suit your needs. Building costs in this region start at about $100 USD/square foot, or about 10,000 MXN per square meter.

We are developing a set of Community Architectural and Aesthetic guidelines which will be attached to the lot purchase contract as a binding addendum. These guidelines will be broad, and are intended as a framework of general rules that are intended to establish a baseline standard of quality for the community. We are confident that within these guidelines, you will be able to express your own aesthetic and style with a custom construction, while maintaining the overall high standards of the subdivision. Furthermore, between the facilities at the Holistika Center, the model homes, the personal residences of the co-developers, and the eventual commercial areas to be developed, a tone and precedent of quality will be well established within the project.

The closing costs associated with purchase of a $55,000 USD residential lot will be approximately 45,000 MXN for Mexican nationals… approximately 80,000 MXN/$6,500 USD for a foreign buyer.
Community features: The Tulum beaches are a very special place indeed. As a result of their location immediately between the Tulum Ruins National Park, and the world-renowned Sian Ka’an bio-reserve, these beaches are protected under very strict low-density zoning. What that means is, no condos, no high rises, and no intensive development that would negatively impact the pristine quality of the area.

Another important factor is that the vast majority of the beach areas in Tulum do not have definitive, legal title. Furthermore, the beach area does not have any services in terms of electrical power, fresh water, or most importantly sewer/drainage. This is not necessarily a negative scenario; these factors have helped keep Tulum beach a rustic and beautiful place, and they also insure that it will stay that way for many generations to come, and for all of us to cherish and enjoy.

Holistika Tulum is currently a swift 10 minute drive through town and down to the beaches of Tulum. Future road construction already approved in the Tulum municipal development plan will cut this drive time in half to 5 minutes.

Holistika Tulum is located in the town of Tulum, just on the other side of a protected mangrove area that exists as a buffer zone between the fragile beach and the inland developed areas. This zone is an important part of the eco-system of the region, and also an excellent protective layer against the impact of hurricanes.

We chose to develop Holistika Tulum in this area because we could offer key features that set us apart from other developments in the vicinity:
Disclosure Statement: Each RE/MAX franchise independently owned and operated.
Cada oficina es de propiedad y operación independiente.

RE/MAX Mayaland Tulum is located 30 yards west of the traffic light (Cobá-Tulum-Beach crossroads) in Tulum. On the Road to Cobá, Across the street from San Francisco, next to OXXO.

RE/MAX Mayaland se ubica en Tulum, sobre la Ave. a Cobá, a 30 metros del semáforo de la intersección Cancun-Tulum-Cobá-Playa, frente a San Francisco, a un costado de OXXO.

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