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Tulum Beach Pristine Coastline

RE/MAX makes your Mexico investment decisions easy. Foreigners may legally and safely purchase real estate in México, may own direct title to real estate in the republic's interior, and may acquire property either in the interior or in the restricted coastal and border zones by leased possession through a fiduciary trust.

The procedure for a foreigner to legally acquire direct title to non-restricted Mexican real estate consists of submitting the appropriate documentation to, and then receiving acknowledgement from, an authorized office of the Mexican Secretary of Exterior Relations/Foreign Affairs.

Proof of identification and nationality, along with a precise legal description of the specific property are required.Once you have decided to buy…

Conventional mortgage financing through Mexican and foreign lenders is becoming more widely available with increasingly competitive interest rates, however, to date, most foreign purchases are cash transactions.

Once the final price is negotiated, the purchase process can usually be completed within as little as two weeks, generally beginning with a purchase contract secured by a 10% down payment, and ending upon final payment with the seller's transfer of title to the new owner in the presence of a Notary Public who prepares the new owner's title and registers it in the appropriate Public Registry Office.

Tulm Real Estate

Tulum real estate is being transformed in a very quick manner. As has been the news for several months, a new international airport has been on the plans for this southern Mexican Caribbean tourist destination. Updates on the Tulum Airport? The Mexican federal government has many investments planned for the southern states of Mexico. My old friends from Mexico City have chatted with me explaining that various federal government departments have been closely studying and copying the successful government economical development models from Chile and China over the past 5 years. Nutshell of these succesful programs....“Invest into the infrastructure and the economies will benefit and flourish”. See articles TULUM AIRPORT AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT .

How does this affect the Tulum real estate market? Take note of the expanded highway from Playa del Carmen down to Tulum. (this may not stop here, may continue on south towards Chetumal). Also take note on the road expansion and improvement from Tulum towards Coba. These improvements have increased the awareness and attention to this village, this has brought on many speculators, and of course has increased the demand on Tulum properties.

In the Mexico real estate, Tulum condos are a type of property that many buyers seek in this area. Tulum oceanfront condos are the first to be requested, but as the zoning and natural landscape limits the inventory, people therefore search for their properties in the available downtown zone which lies approximately 2 kilometers away from the beaches.

Is this bad?

No, it actually brings a unique and maybe a natural ecological protection to the beaches and ocean front properties in the community. The beaches in Tulum are ….incredible. They are breathtaking and the downtown area of Tulum is growing in a quite picturesque setting. During the past 2 or 3 years, there have been only a handful of Tulum condo projects. Two of these have sold out quite quickly during preconstruction phases. Tulum lots and Tulum single family home inventories as well have been quite limited to an area that is south of town, in an area that has yet to have city electric, city water and other basic utility infrastructures.

Last year, in the early fall, a new project was introduced to the area. A closed gate community with a golf course, single family zones, condo lots, and commercial areas.

This is the first of its kind in the Tulum area. Between the village and the only road to the beach, it location is…the best in town. The lots are not directly on the ocean, but, given the demand and the previous inventory location, these properties will be highly quoted. The number one attraction, INCREDIBLE BEACHES. People from Playa del Carmen, from Cancun from all the zone make special trips down to Tulum just for their beaches.

Do you have some extra money to invest? I highly recommend this Tulum real estate as your best option. Future growth, federal government investment, developers with much experience and connections (business and political), new airport, little inventory, GORGEOUS BEACHES. these are all little factors but when combined, all offer very strong positive affects on appreciation.

Dont wait to invest, invest and wait.

Thomas L. Lloyd

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